Mobile Websites

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Do You Need A Mobile Website?
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Mobile Website Design & Development

How Going Mobile Can Explode Your Profits

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing involves ensuring your website is mobile friendly as well as promoting via SMS (Text Messaging) & search engines.

Why Do You Need It?

Mobile Marketing is one of the biggest growth opportunities for local businesses but most don’t use it correctly.

What Does This Mean For You?

  • The mobile market is 5 times bigger than the PC market
  • 40 – 50% of mobile searches are local in nature and convert at much higher rates than Personal Computer searches.
  • Most local searchers take action by showing up at a store or location within hours
  • With mobile marketing you can reach your target market instantly and in the format you choose
  • More people now check their emails on mobile devices than on Personal Computers
  • Text messages are opened much faster than emails and far more often with an open rate of around 97%
  • Which means you can instantly reach your customers with news, offers, coupons and promotions and know that they will respond

Effective Mobile Marketing includes:

Mobile Friendly Website
Intelligent SMS(Text Messaging) Strategy
Use of Promotional Codes & Coupons
Enabling Purchases Directly Via Mobile

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