Reputation Management

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Do You Need Reputation Managment?
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Reputation Management

Why Managing Your Reputation Is Vital To Your Success

What Is Reputation Managment

The immediacy and interactive nature of the Internet means that people will be talking about your business whether you like it or not

Why Do You Need It?

Reputation Management means making sure that all the good stuff about you out there is enhanced while any negative reviews or comments are handled

What Does This Mean For You?

  • Reputation Management takes into account that mistakes, even in the best-run business, are going to happen
  • An unhappy customer’s comments may be the first thing someone finds when they search for your business on the Internet
  • It is therefore vital to be seen to be communicating over any issues and doing your best to put things right and/or give your point of view
  • Having a social media presence is vital to effective reputation management – if you don’t have a presence there, how are you going to know what your customers are saying about you?
  • Similarly, you need to join and participate in the many review sites that exist on the web Simply engaging with your customers online is one of the most powerful forms of management

Effective Reputation Management includes:

Engaging With Your Customers
Joining In The Conversation When Things Go Wrong
Spreading The Word When Things Go Right
Using Social Media/Review Sites

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