Mobile Features



We offer mobile solutions exclusively designed for all major    Smartphones, so customers will see your website perfectly optimized for a small screen.

Dozens of new Smartphones enter the market each year, introducing new screen sizes, features and browsers. Our platform ensures your mobile site remains fully functional, optimized and compliant on all new devices.

   Features List

Mobile-Friendly Solution

Mobile-Specific Features
  • Website designed to render perfectly on small screens
  • Global search, well-defined buttons & links for easy access
    on small screens
  • Compatible with all major smartphones
  • Compatible with popular mobile operating systems like Apple,
    iOS, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry Mobile OS & Palm
    Web OS.


  • Tap to call
  • Maps APP integration for location, directions and street
  • Tap to Email
  • Tap To Text
  • YouTube Videos

Hosting & Security

SEO Efficient
  • Hosting on very powerful secure dedicated servers
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Auto load balancing to provide seamless service
  • PCI-Compliance
  • Advanced firewalls
  • Statistics, showing the number of visitors, instant calls per location,
    enquiries and requests for directions


  • Control to add META content at product/category/blog-post level
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs + 301 Redirects (duplicate page
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Search Engine Friendly well structured HTML pages and menu
  • Social Media Plug-in (AddThis, Facebook, Twitter)